• Catering company must be licensed by the County of Butte.
  • Commercial liability insurance needs to be in place at the appropriate levels for the size of the event being catered.
  • Workers Compensation insurance shall be in force for anyone working for, or on behalf of, the catering company.
  • Areas utilized by catering company must be cleaned and left in the same condition it was upon arrival.
  • All deliveries and set ups may only occur during the time the client has rented the facility for the event. Catering may work with Irongate directly to make arrangements for alternate times.
  • Catering staff may pull vehicle up to the eastern side of the residence or front entrance of the property for unloading but then must move vehicle to designated vendor parking area, see site map for details.
  • Irongate Garden Inn provides an on-site dumpster located in the parking are in front of the residence as well as a recycle bin.
  • Fifty five gallon trash containers are provided by Irongate. Caterers and/or client are responsible for emptying the trash into the dumpster and/or bin before, during and/or after the event, as well as replacing the trash bags as needed.
  • All trash must be removed from the gardens and discarded in the dumpster and/or recycle bins provided or removed from the venue by the caterer or client.
  • All rentals, plates, and glassware are to be properly broken-down and removed the same day used during the Event. Caterer may work with Irongate directly to make alternative arrangements for pickup.
  • Preparation areas, surfaces, and flooring must be cleaned thoroughly and sanitized with self-supplied cleaning chemicals. These areas should be left as clean as they were found prior to start of event.
  • Absolutely no smoking in any areas other than the designated smoking area.
  • No dumping of any kind with the exception of ice or water in proper drains and not on grass.
  • Extension cords must be provided by caterer. Food trucks and trailers must provide their own source of power (generator).