DJ & Entertainment

  • Workers Compensation insurance shall be in force for anyone working for, or on behalf of, the DJ or entertainment, unless exempt.
  • All music and amplified sound must end by 10:00 PM.
  • The volume and bass levels need to be measured at sound check.
  • The decibel level shall not to exceed 75 decibels at 50’ from the sound source.
  • The decibel level shall not to exceed 55 decibels at the northeastern edge, near the parking lot area.
  • All amplifiers and speakers must be placed facing east, west or north. No amplified sound shall face west.
  • Bass levels must follow the same levels as listed above. The Venue Manager will assess the volume of the bass at varying areas around the property and will judge whether or not it needs to be turned down.
  • Once the event begins, sound levels will be measured and recorded every hour by the venue Manager.
  • At any time, if the decibel levels are higher than what is listed above, the band or DJ will be asked to turn down the volume. Venue management will have zero tolerance for request that are ignored and power will be turned off with equipment damages being the responsibility of the DJ or band.
  • Individuals providing entertainment, live music or disc jockey services shall determine the power needs ahead of the time.
  • There are electrical outlets around the property that may be used by the entertainment, band or disk jockey.
  • Irongate Garden Inn does not have extension cords or other items to loan.