The gardens are booked according to availability, but keep in mind, many weddings are booked 12-16 months in advance.

We are located just north of Chico on Nord Highway. We are minutes from DeGarmo Park, restaurants, lodging, stores, Highway 99 and Highway 32. Our clients understand that because we are located in an agricultural community, that agricultural activities occur around us. We cannot ask for any modifications of any surrounding land use to accommodate a special event.

Yes! Whether or not you choose accommodations, we offer indoor space to prepare and get ready for your special day. There are two distinct and separate areas for both bridal parties to use throughout the day, before your wedding begins. Both areas include mirrors and easy access to restrooms.

Yes! Irongate Garden Inn offers accommodations in modified B&B style. We have three rooms, each with an en suite restroom, providing beds for up to eight guests. Please inquire for pricing.

Definitely. Select our mid-level wedding collection and invite your closest friends and family to be with you while you’re getting ready! This package includes the great room, sun room and kitchenette.

Your wedding weekend includes up to two hours on Friday afternoon for your ceremony rehearsal, 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Saturday for decorating, getting ready, ceremony and reception and 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM on Sunday for break-down and clean-up.

Yes, we have on-site parking! We have a gravel driveway and gravel parking areas. We also have a designated parking for those who need additional space and who will benefit by parking closer to the gardens.

We love pets but they are not permitted on the property at Irongate. We made the very difficult decision to prohibit pets to protect the gardens. We also have barn cats and want to maintain their safe space as well. Of course a service dog is permitted, as per local, state or federal law.

Irongate is an outdoor wedding venue. If you are concerned about the weather, we encourage you to work with a tent rental company. Tents can be set-up in multiple places at our venue. You may also rent commercial space heaters from a rental company.

So that your weekend executes exactly as you planned, we strongly encourage you to work with a professional Event Planner or Coordinator. At the very least, you need a designated person who facilitates your day. We suggest this person not be a guest or family member because they will be working instead of enjoying your special day. We can put you in touch with several excellent businesses in Chico that provide these services. Some are full-service and some offer basic single-day packages. Also, check with your caterer. Some offer a day-of point person as part of their service or for a small fee. If you have something else in mind, let’s chat and see what we can figure out.

Yep. Out of respect for our neighbors and the County ordinance, we require that a professional disk jockey be retained for your event. Of course we can put you in touch with licensed and professional entertainment services.

Yes! You can hire a professional bartender or beverage service to serve alcohol at your event. We also know of some really cool mobile bars! It’s also possible your catering professional will offer this as an additional service. Self-service of alcohol is not permitted.

Yes, we provide tables and chairs for up to 200 guests! Click here to see our inventory.

We do not include or lease linens so check with your caterer or a rental supply company.

We have a variety of tables sizes and shapes so the size of your linens will depend on the tables you choose. Please reference our inventory when discussing this with your rental supply company or caterer.

If you are using our tables, chairs or other items, we will deliver them in the area you designate on your site plan. The tables will be set-up and the chairs will be stacked on rolling carts. All you need to do is arrange the tables, un-stack and place the chairs where you want.

After your event, there’s no need for you to clean-up the tables or chairs! Please leave the tables and chairs for us to put away. We break them down on Sunday and ensure they are ready for our next event.

Irongate has indoor space with basic kitchen functionality but it’s not a commercial kitchen. Your food needs to be cooked and prepared by a professional caterer off-site but they can use our kitchen area to stage in preparation for service.

Amplified sound must be turned off no later than 10:00 PM. This is a County requirement.

This can be complicated so read it twice. If it’s in the contract with your vendors (be sure to ask), they are responsible for cleaning up for their specific services. If clean-up is not included in your contracts, you are responsible for all clean-up (excluding tables and chairs), clearing the tables at evening’s end, collecting your linens, taking down all decor and other such items, picking-up remaining trash and taking trash bags to the dumpsters, sweeping, etc., and left in a condition that you would expect if yours was the next wedding.

Irongate will clean the gardens if you choose the Preferred package or add-on the cleaning service fee, however, you and your other vendors are still responsible for cleaning up after their services.

Irongate will put all tables and chairs away regardless of which package you choose.

As per the County ordinance, your event must end no later than 10:00 PM. Unless accommodations are selected, you and your guests must vacate the premises by 11:00 PM.

Irongate Garden Inn is designed to be a retreat and destination for your special event. We do not schedule more than one event in the gardens during a weekend and we want you to relax and enjoy this special time. As such, our pricing is based on a weekend, and includes access to the property Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. If you want to plan a special event Monday through Thursday, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Yes, but you would want to purchase the insurance even if we didn’t. Anything is possible and the cost for event insurance is minimal compared to the coverage that it offers. To protect yourself financially from mishaps that may occur. Some policies offer additional coverage unique to your type of event. We can help you get started with this inexpensive peace of mind.

Absolutely not! Our intention is to be transparent with our pricing and expectations. Our pricing is inclusive of several amenities and upgrade pricing is clear and optional. Mandatory taxes are automatically calculated into the final cost. We do not charge a service fee or gratuity!

Please do! We are honored that you want to take such memorable pictures with us. Please schedule your shoot Monday through Thursday with your coordinator or planner.

Contact us! If you have other questions or ideas, let’s chat and figure out a way to make Irongate Garden Inn the perfect place for your wedding or special event.