Natural Confetti Send-Off

Most venues, including ours, prefer to skip the sparklers at the end of the night. We know - it’s GORGEOUS in photos and looks amazing during the send off - but, it’s also extremely dangerous and a ... READ the POST

Rehearsal Dinner – In Chico

Hello Chico Couples! Today on the blog, we’re going to be chatting about rehearsal dinners and where you should hold them. We have seen it all here at the venue. Did you know, a lot of restaurants ... READ the POST

The Low Down On Linens

Linens can be a scary thing to think about when planning your wedding day - why is that?! Is it because of the small details you never thought about? Or is it the color that is scaring you? Will it ... READ the POST

To Wear and What Not To Wear

Knowing what to wear at weddings is always a question we hear. Is it formal? Is it casual? How casual? The couple hosting the wedding will most likely let you know what to wear, but just in case, why ... READ the POST