Common FAQs

Where are you located?

Irongate Garden Inn is a new wedding venue located in north Chico. We are minutes from DeGarmo Park, restaurants, lodging, stores, Highway 99 and Highway 32.

Do you have space for us to get ready for our wedding?

Yes! We offer indoor space to prepare and get ready for your special day. There is a bridal suite, groom’s lounge, sunroom, great room and kitchenette for use during the day.

Is there a place for our bridal party and family to hang out while we get ready?

Yes. Invite your closest friends and family to be with you while you’re getting ready! Our pricing includes access to the great room, sun room and kitchenette during the day (these spaces are not accessible once the wedding begins).

Are there hotels nearby?

Yes. There are several places to stay, from luxury to boutique to budget, all within a few miles of Irongate. Check out Hotel James, Oxford Suites, Holiday Inn Express, Ramada, Courtyard, Residence Inn, and Hotel Diamond.

What dates are available?

Thank you for asking! Please see our availability here.

What is your capacity?

Our sweet spot is up to 120 guests, including the bridal party, but our maximum is 150. If you really want to go up to 175, please ask and we’ll figure it out together.

Do you allow dogs to participate in our wedding day?

We love pets but they are not permitted on the property at Irongate, even if it’s a dog in a stroller. We made the very difficult decision to prohibit pets to protect the gardens. We also have barn cats and want to maintain their safe space as well. Of course, a service dog is permitted, as per local, state or federal law.

Do you provide tables and chairs?

Yes, we offer tables and chairs which are included with venue price! See our inventory here.

Can we have fireworks on the property?

Fireworks are not permitted. This includes sparklers.  We don’t want to scare the neighbors and we want to keep the fire department happy!

Are candles allowed?

We allow flameless candles, but not real ones. It’s just not worth the risk considering our proximity to dry grass. Bonus, flameless candles stay lit and don’t blow out in the wind!

Can we have our rehearsal dinner at Irongate?

We are not currently structured to have a dinner on Friday and wedding on Saturday. We decided to let the space dictate what’s best and accordingly, we don’t allow rehearsal dinners at the venue (big or super small). We know you’ll have better success when booking you rehearsal dinner off-site. Check out our rehearsal dinner recommendations here.

Catering Questions

Can we have alcohol at our event?

Yes! A professional bartender or beverage service is required to manage and serve alcohol (beer, wine, champagne, etc.) at your reception. Self-service of any alcohol is not permitted. If you want to serve hard alcohol at your wedding, your bar service can prepare up to two signature, pre-mixed drinks, to allow for hard alcohol. A full-bar and shots are not permitted.

You have a house so you must have a kitchen. Can my family prepare the food for my event?

A professional caterer doesn’t need our kitchen as they have their own, which is permitted and inspected. Because we require that a professional caterer be contracted,  we removed the lower cabinetry and range from our kitchen to offer more space for catering to stage in preparation for service.

Do we have to utilize your caterers and bar service?

Your caterer and bar service must be approved vendors of Irongate. We have a list of amazing pre-approved caterers and bar service providers on our website.

Does Irongate handle the catering order or do I work with the caterer directly?

It is most efficient and the most cost effective for our couples to work directly with their caterer.

Planning Questions

What is the rental fee and what does it include?

Please see the details found here for complete pricing and included items.  

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

Our intention is to be transparent with our pricing and expectations. Our pricing is inclusive of several amenities and upgrade pricing is clear and optional. Mandatory taxes are automatically calculated into the final cost. We do not charge a service fee nor will we accept a gratuity!

I want to save money. Can you tell me your daily rates?

Irongate Garden Inn is designed to be a retreat and destination for your special event. We do not schedule more than one wedding each day and we want you to relax and enjoy this special time. As such, our pricing is based on a weekend, and includes access to the property Friday evening for your ceremony rehearsal, all day Saturday and Sunday morning for retrieving any remaining personal items.

We plan to have our ceremony offsite, or only plan to have our ceremony at Irongate Garden Inn. Does your fee change?

Because we only host one event per day, our fee structure remains the same whether you hold your ceremony, reception, or both onsite.

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

All tours are by appointment only. Irongate is located on fenced private property and the gates are usually locked. Please request a tour here.

How do I reserve a date?

To reserve your wedding date, send an email to and let us know you are ready to book date, if it’s still available. We suggest including a backup date in case your preferred date is unavailable. Prior to booking a date, we hope you are able to visit the gardens but an in-person tour is not required prior to booking a date. Request a tour (on-site or virtual) on our tour request page. Dates are reserved on a first requested basis.

How far in advance should we reserve our date?

The gardens are booked according to availability, but keep in mind, many weddings are booked 12-16 months in advance.

My preferred dates are unavailable. Do you have a cancellation waiting list?

We do not keep a cancellation waiting list because cancellations are unpredictable. As soon as a date does become available, we post it here.

Is there a deposit? When are the additional payments due? Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. You place a deposit after signing the contract in order to reserve your wedding date. The total deposit is $1,000 and of that, $500.00 is your first payment towards your total and the other $500 is a refundable damage/cleaning deposit.

After the deposit is made, you are offered a payment plan with three scheduled payments, each equal to 1/3 of the Lease Fee balance. The first scheduled payment is due 180 days prior to your wedding day. The second is due 135 days prior and the remaining balance is due 90 days prior to your wedding day. All payments are non-refundable.

You are welcome to send smaller (partial) payments of any amount prior to the specified due date, so in effect, creating your own payment plan on your own schedule.  Full payment is due by the specified due date.

What form of payment does Irongate Garden Inn accept?

Our preferred form of payment is cash or check. Let us know if you need to make arrangements to pay by credit card.

Will there be another wedding the same day?

Nope; we only host one wedding each day to ensure that each couple’s event is special and receives our full attention.

What if it rains or is really cold on our wedding day?

Irongate is an outdoor wedding venue. If you are concerned about the weather, we encourage you to work with a tent rental company. Tents can be set-up in multiple places at our venue. You may also rent commercial space heaters from a rental company.

Do you have staff on-site the day of our wedding? What services do they provide?

Our team will be on-site but may not be visible, as they will be moving about the property, doing a number of things in preparation and throughout your wedding day. This includes setting out signs, moving tables, chairs and other inventory, making sure restrooms are stocked, directing your incoming guests in the parking area, etc. They will be available to your vendors to answer questions and resolve any issues regarding the venue (e.g., air/heat, restrooms, lighting, electrical, etc.) but will be a limited resource for guests. Our team does not coordinate or implement your wedding day timeline and do not take the place of a wedding planner or coordinator.

Our staff works with you via email, phone or meetings in the months leading up to your wedding to ensure the venue space meets your needs on your wedding day. They will review your site plan and timeline and are present on your wedding day to provide access to your vendors (caterer/DJ/band) at the appropriate times.

Do I need to hire a professional Event Planner or day-of Coordinator?

So that your weekend executes as planned, you need to hire an Event Planner or Day-Of Coordinator for your wedding at Irongate Garden Inn. These are experienced businesses responsible for making your dream day happen as you planned!

Some Event Planners are full-service and some offer basic single-day packages. Also, check with your caterer. Some offer a day-of point person as part of their service or for a small fee.

Your planner or wedding day coordinator must be an approved vendor of Irongate. We have a list of pre-approved professionals listed on our website.

Do I need to hire a professional DJ?

Yes. Out of respect for our neighbors and the County ordinance, we require that a professional disk jockey be retained for your event. Your DJ must be an approved vendor of Irongate. We have a list of pre-approved DJs listed on our website.

Can we take engagement pictures on property?

Please do! We are honored that you want to take such memorable pictures with us. Your photo shoot needs to be scheduled. Your photos session can be scheduled for a Monday through Thursday.

Where can I find pictures of the decor available?

Check out our inventory page here.

Do you offer rectangle tables instead of round?

We have two kinds of rectangular tables available, and like the rounds, are including in our pricing. We have solid wood farm tables and several banquet tables that can be used for your head table, sweetheart table, gift table, etc. While the majority of your guests will be seated at round tables, you can mix some rectangle tables in for reception seating.

Do you provide table linens, cups, silverware, etc?

We do not include or lease linens, cups, silverware, etc. Definitely check with your caterer and if they don’t have these items, you can rent from a party supply company.

What size should the table linens be?

We have a variety of tables sizes and shapes so the size of your linens will depend on the tables you choose. Please reference our inventory when discussing this with your party supply company or caterer.

Is it possible to seat 9 to a table?

We recommend you seat a maximum of 8 to each table for the comfort of your guests, but you could fit 9, if one is a child.

Do you require we get liability insurance to cover our event?

Yes, but you want to purchase the insurance even if we didn’t. Anything is possible and the cost for event insurance is minimal compared to the coverage that it offers and is intended to protect you financially from mishaps that may occur. Some policies offer additional coverage unique to your type of event. We can help you get started with this inexpensive peace of mind. Check out our insurance summary page.

How do I contact Irongate during the planning process?

The best way to contact us is via email. If you need to talk on the phone, please email so we can schedule an appointment for a call!

Where will the sun be on my wedding day?

Check out to see the sun’s path at Irongate Garden Inn on the date and time you enter.

How do I obtain a marriage license?

Contact the County Clerk-Recorder to obtain your marriage license. You can even fill out an application online here.

Setup and Day-Of Event Questions

We are using a rental company.  Can they drop items off or pick them up outside of the rental period? 

We are a private property with locked gates. For that reason, all deliveries must happen during the standard rental period. Please advise your vendors of this policy.

When do we have access to the gardens?

Your wedding weekend includes up to two hours on Friday afternoon to rehearse your ceremony, 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Saturday for decorating, getting ready, ceremony and reception and 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM on Sunday to retrieve any personal items.

What time will I have access to the venue to decorate?

Saturday beginning at 9:00 AM. If you want to go earlier, let us know!

Are outside snacks and trays permitted?

Outside food and drink is permitted while you are getting ready. It is not allowed after the start of the event. Please don’t bring drinks in glass bottles. 

Can we nail decorations to the walls or hang things like streamers or lanterns from the lights?

We don’t have anywhere that decorations can be hung from the property and the lights are relatively delicate. We hope you find the gardens to be beautiful on their own without a need to hang additional décor.

Do you have on-site parking?

Yes, we have on-site parking! We have a gravel driveway and gravel parking areas. We also have a designated parking for those who need additional space and who will benefit by parking closer to the gardens.

How many cars will your parking lot accommodate?

Comfortably 75 on the gravel and we utilize the pasture if overflow parking is necessary.

Who sets-up and breaks-down the tables and chairs?

If you are using our tables, chairs or other items, we will deliver them in the area you designate on your site plan. The tables will be set-up and the chairs will be stacked on rolling carts. All you need to do is arrange the tables, un-stack and place the chairs where you want.

After your wedding, there’s no need for you to clean-up the tables or chairs! Please leave the tables and chairs for us to put away. We break them down on Sunday and ensure they are ready for our next event.

Can we take photos around the property on our wedding day?

Sure! Just ask and we will be happy to make recommendations. Photography on the neighboring properties is not permitted.

What time do you suggest we start the ceremony?

The ideal start time for a wedding ceremony at Irongate is 5:00 PM. Check out to see the sun’s path at Irongate Garden Inn on your wedding day.

How will the tables, chairs, etc. be arranged for my sized event?

You tell us! We ask that you submit a site plan prior to your wedding so we can assist with placement.

What time does the sound need to be turned off?

Amplified sound must be turned off no later than 10:00 PM. This is a County requirement.

What time does the music need to end?

Same deal. All music must conclude by 10:00 PM.

What time does my wedding need to end?

Same again. Butte County has an ordinance that dictates your event needs to conclude no later than 10:00 PM. Unless accommodations are selected, you and your guests must vacate the premises by 11:00 PM.

Can vehicles be left overnight?

Safety is priority #1. Your guests can leave a vehicle overnight which must be picked up Sunday no later than noon.

Who is in charge of cleanup?

All vendors are are responsible for cleaning up for their specific services. On Sunday, Irongate will finish the clean-up and will put the tables and chairs away. You are responsible for collecting rental items and retrieving your decor. Irongate staff will put all borrowed inventory away, including tables and chairs.

I have other questions…

Please contact us! If you have other questions or ideas, let’s chat and figure out a way to make Irongate Garden Inn the perfect place for your wedding. Use this link to submit a general inquiry.