Local Things To Do During Your Stay

Irongate Garden Inn can be viewed as a destination wedding venue, so that means people are coming from all over to enjoy the beauty of our secret garden! Which also means… there’s probably a question as to what there is to do in Chico, California!

The answer is, A LOT. From delicious restaurants, to amazing hiking locations and amazing views, you won’t find yourself bored around these parts!

Here are our top 5 recommended activities to do in Chico while you visit:

  1. Eat Downtown 

Downtown Chico has so many delicious food options! From Burgers and Brew, to Bill’s Towne Lounge and Grana, you may feel like you’re in a different country every night! Did we mention that these specific places have amazing drinks too? From fresh fruity cocktails to pungent beers, your taste buds will be satisfied. Looking for a cultural experience? The new pub called Allies Pub, is one of a kind! You’ll feel like you’re in England… It’s worth a gander! 

  1. Go For A Hike

Chico has so many hiking trails! From easy dirt paths, to technical mountain biking trails that will get your adrenaline pumping – we have it all. Check out One Mile Recreation, Hooker Oak Park, Wildwood Park, or Horseshoe Lake! These can be found on, and are some great starting points to begin your adventure through Bidwell. 

  1. Go For A Swim

One Mile Recreation area has an enormous pool that many people like to swim laps in! We must warn you, it’s very cold, but feels great in the summertime. It’s fresh water circulating from the hills above Chico. Pretty refreshing if you ask us!

  1. Head To The Market

Depending on when you’re in town, we have the Thursday night market, as well as the Wednesday and Saturday markets that are year ‘round. The Thursday night market reopens in April, and it is a blast! With live music, delicious food, and wonderful fresh fruits and veggies, you will not leave empty handed. 

  1. Enjoy A Glass (Or two) Of Wine

With Almendra Winery right down the road in Durham, California, we enjoy stopping by for a glass or two of wine! With a huge selection of local wines, and delicious snacks to munch on, you can visit with friends or family here. The ambience is incredible! We also have New Clairvaux as neighbors, which have incredible wine! Go ahead, schedule a tour!

There you have it, 5 activities that you can do while you’re in Chico! There are so many more restaurants, wine bars, pubs, etc. that we didn’t mention, so do your research and make your trip worthwhile!

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