Planner & Coordinator

  • Irongate requires our couples to hire either a wedding planner or coordinator. The planner or coordinator must be in the profession of providing this type of service.
  • We have a list of vetted and pre-approved planners and coordinators who have worked at our venue and know what is expected in terms of the service they offer. You must choose your planner or coordinator from this list.
  • Planners and day-of coordinators must be present for the entire event. At Irongate Garden Inn, the latest a wedding can go is 10:00 PM so please make sure the contract includes the planner or coordinator’s presence until the very end.
  • The gardens at Irongate, while next to each other, can seem spread out when you’re trying to get from one side to the other. Appropriate shoes to help you quickly get from here to there are a must!
  • Planners and coordinators should plan to have at least one assistant, depending on the needs of the wedding.
  • Electrical outlets in the gardens were designed with your entertainment in mind. There are multiple outlets around the property that may be used by the entertainment, band or disk jockey.
  • Extension cords must be brought by the vendor that needs them. The venue does not loan extension cords.
  • We are available to meet with planners and coordinators in advance of weddings and it is a requirement for those who haven’t been to Irongate so they can assess the spaces, see borrow room inventory, etc.
  • The venue does not loan ladders or step-stools.
  • Nothing may be glued, taped or pinned to the walls (glue dots, tape, staples, push pins, etc.). If there is a timeline to share, please make sure it is in a binder, picture frame or something else that is not affixed to our walls.
  • Planners and coordinators are expected manage the wedding day and are to help enforce the rules of the contract. For example, once the wedding begins, bridal party, family and guests are not to go to their cars or inside the house to consume alcohol; photos must occur on-site, not across the street in our neighbors field, synthetic petals and leaves are not to be used for throwing prior to the ceremony, etc.
  • The venue is leased on the day of the event until 11:00 PM. If your coordinator need to more time to break-down, please contact us in advance as our staff leaves no later than 11:00 PM.
  • Our permit with Butte County requires the venue lights off by 11:00 PM.