You must hire an Event Planner or Day-of Coordinator–who is not a guest or in your bridal party–to manage your ceremony and reception. Your Event Planner or Coordinator will be in communication with us and be present on your wedding day to supervise, communicate and coordinate your event. Arrival time is up to you but they must stay until the end of the reception.

Your Event Planner or Coordinator must be an approved vendor of Irongate Garden Inn no less than 180 days prior to your wedding. When you begin your search, please start with our pre-approved Planners and Coordinators found here. These professionals know our venue and have done an exceptional job for our couples.

If hiring an Event Planner or Day-of Coordinator was not something you intended, don’t let this requirement be a deal-killer. We 100% recommend you hire someone no matter where you get married. Please talk with us so we can provide examples and explain why this is such a critical element to ensuring the incredible wedding experience you deserve.


Confetti, silk petals, rice or birdseed are not permitted used because these items don’t disintegrate and would need to be picked up after your wedding. In consideration of you and our wedding the following weekend, we decided to prohibit these types of decorations altogether. Please only use real flower petals or leaves.

Sparklers, candles, lanterns or other flammable items are not permitted. You may use flameless candles which work out better because they will not blow out.


You need to purchase an event insurance policy to cover three days, Friday through Sunday. The limit must be a minimum of $1,000,000 in general and liquor liability and must be purchased as part of the booking process. However, if your wedding is more than a year out, you most likely need to wait to purchase the event insurance until you’re a year out.

Your caterer, DJ and bartender must provide us with a certificate of insurance naming Irongate as additional insured. Before you sign a contract with your vendors, please make sure they understand this is a requirement of working at Irongate Garden Inn.


If you are using our tables, chairs or other items, we will place them in the appropriate area you designate on your site plan. All your team will do is set them up how you want them. We will break everything down on Sunday.

The restrooms will be clean and stocked with toilet paper, soap, paper towels and waste containers.

We will have personnel on-site, on and off, throughout your weekend. If you need us to be present at a particular time, please let us know in advance. Otherwise we will be coming and going based on your timeline.

Our staff will be on-site and intervals throughout the day and will remain until the end of your event.


Irongate is located in an agricultural community. We cannot ask for any modifications of any surrounding land use to accommodate your wedding.

Our neighbors have beautiful property but please remain on-site for photographs.  As tempting as it is, please don’t walk across the street or next door to take photos.

The Irongate Property Manager resides on-site in the Manager’s Residence. The on-site residence does not impede with the venue. We just want you to be aware our manager lives there.

Pets are not allowed on-site at any time, except as permitted by law. We do this out of consideration for all of our bridal parties.

Children must be supervised at all times. Please don’t allow children or other guests to walk through the landscaped area or explore the property outside the gardens. Everyone needs to remain on the lawn, concrete, pavers and pathways or gravel in the designated guest parking area.

All set-up and breakdown must occur within your contracted time frame.

The County requires that our venue be vacated by 11:00 PM. This is the latest we can turn the main lights out. As such, you and your guests need to vacate at the conclusion of your wedding.


If you are serving food, a professional, licensed, permitted and insured catering company must be contracted. We offer a pre-approved list of caterers for you to consider, found here. If you want to hire a caterer not on our pre-approved list, you may request approval not less than 180 days prior to your wedding.


Smoking is permitted, but is limited to a specified location on the front lawn.


If you are serving any alcoholic beverages, a professional and insured bar service must be contracted. Their insurance policy must have both general liability and liquor liability coverage.

Please choose your bar service from our pre-approved list you can reference here. If you want to hire a bar service not on our pre-approved list, you may request approval not less than 180 days prior to your wedding. Please make sure the bar service you want to use has the mandatory insurance prior to requesting approval.

Last call for alcohol occurs no later than 9:30 PM or five hours after service begins, whichever comes first. This is to ensure the wedding ends at 10:00 PM.

Irongate does not permit self-service of alcohol at your reception. At the conclusion of your bar service, the bartender must move the alcohol to a designated and locked location.


A professional DJ must be hired. Please start your search with one from our pre-approved list you can reference here.  We don’t have that many right now so we encourage you help us add to this list! If you find a business you want to hire that is not on our pre-approved list, please request approval not less than 180 days prior to your wedding. They must carry general liability insurance.

Music and microphone, referred to as amplified sound by the Count must end by 10:00 PM. The time limitation is a condition of the Butte County Noise Ordinance.


Vendors need to bring anything they need to do their job at your wedding.

Please bring your own necessities as well. We don’t have essentials to loan, such as scissors, string, tape, ribbon, linens, ladders, glue, extension cords, power strips, ice, etc.


All trash needs to be removed by the appropriate vendors. Bussing of tables is a service we require you to contract with either your caterer, planner/coordinator or third-party event staffing business. Wedding guests and family members do not expect to bus their own plates, flatware, glasses, etc. and for that reason, it’s not permitted at Irongate. We will place trash cans with extra can liners throughout the venue for them to use.

We contract with Waste Management to provide a dumpster. This is super convenient for your vendors, who will not need to take trash with them when they depart. Your vendors are responsible for taking out the trash that is part of their service and relining the cans.

Our trash service does not include recycling. This is because recycling requires a certain protocol and most of the time, items intended for recycle are not emptied and cleaned to meet that protocol. As such, we do not have a recycling container and all recycling needs to be taken off-site.


Use of the common area of the house is intended for use while you get ready for your wedding (not for use during your wedding). If someone really needs to be in the house during your wedding, please have your planner or coordinator communicate with us.


The caterer can use the kitchen for staging for service only. Since it’s not a commercial kitchen, cooking, food prep or storage cannot occur. All food needs to be prepared off-site.

Only vendors are permitted in the kitchen.

Your vendor may use our refrigerator to store leftovers, deserts or flowers. Please bring ice chests, storage containers, zip top bags, plastic film, aluminum foil, etc. because we don’t have these items.


The venue is available to you for a ceremony rehearsal on Friday afternoon (3:00 PM or later). This generally takes up to an hour.

The venue is available to you on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (with vendor clean-up until 11:00 PM).

You have until noon on Sunday to vacate all remaining food, personal items, decorations, etc.

All set-up and breakdown must occur within your contracted time frame.

As always, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you have!