You need someone to manage your weekend. This means you need to utilize the services of an Event Planner, day-of Coordinator or a designated point-of-contact (not a guest of your event).

Your wedding manager needs to be in communication with us and be present on your wedding day to supervise, communicate and coordinate your event. Please be sure we have their name, email and cell number.

We prefer you hire a professional who does this for a living. There are many, many moving parts during your weekend and someone with training and experience will pay for themselves in ways you may not have thought of.


Duct tape, staples, tacks or nails can’t be used to hang decorations on anything at Irongate. We don’t have anywhere that wouldn’t be damaged by these types of items.

Confetti, silk petals, rice or birdseed can’t be used because these don’t disintegrate and would need to be picked up after your wedding. In consideration of you and our next wedding, we decided to prohibit these types of decorations altogether.

Sparklers, candles, lanterns or other flammable items are not permitted; not even in an enclosure. It’s not worth the risk of fire.

Nothing can be hung from the bistro lights or light posts. They are not designed to carry the weight of anything.

The bistro lights can be taken down but need it needs to be planned in advance so we can make any adjustments.


We want you to hire professionals to provide services as vendors at your wedding. That helps us help you have the best wedding experience possible! Professional vendors should carry liability insurance for anything that happens as a result of their liability (responsibility). Please confirm with your vendors to make sure you are working with people who insure their businesses.

The caterer, DJ and bartender need to provide us with a certificate of insurance naming Irongate as additional insured. We have specific verbiage and we’ll send that to you in a few weeks.

You need an event policy for Friday through Sunday. They are inexpensive considering the coverage they offer and you can purchase them online or through your insurance agent. There needs to be a minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability and include liquor liability as well. We need this 30 days in advance of your wedding date. We have specific verbiage and we’ll send that to you in a few weeks.


If you are using our tables, chairs or other items, we will place them in the appropriate area you designate on your site plan. All you need to do is set them up how you want them. We will break them down on Sunday.

The restrooms will be clean and stocked with toilet paper, soap, paper towels and waste containers.

We will have personnel on-site off and on throughout your weekend. If you need us to be present at a particular time, please let us know in advance. Otherwise we will be coming and going based on your timeline.

We will lockup the house and kitchen by 11:00 PM the night the day of your wedding, unless you selected the accommodation option, in which case, you are responsible for locking the exterior doors of the leased space. We will still lock the kitchen.


Irongate is located in an agricultural community. We cannot ask for any modifications of any surrounding land use to accommodate your wedding.

Our manager and contractor lives on site. We also have friends who live in a trailer out near the barn while their house is being built. Our friends and manager helped us create our venue and can be helpful if you need something when we can’t be located.

Pets are not allowed on-site at any time, except as permitted by law. We do this out of consideration for all of our bridal parties.

Children must be supervised at all times. Please don’t allow children or other guests to walk through the landscaped area or explore the property outside the gardens. It’s simply not safe so everyone needs to remain on the lawn, concrete, pavers and pathways or gravel in the designated guest parking area. We can make an exception for vendors, delivery and pickup.

All set-up and breakdown must occur within your contracted time frame. As long as we know in advance, a rental company can be scheduled to drop off or pickup outside of that time frame. That way we can make sure someone is there to meet them.

Only the areas of the property you contracted are accessible by you and your guests.

The County requires that our venue be vacated by 11:00 PM. This is the latest we can turn the main lights out. As such, you and your guests need to vacate by this time, unless you are staying overnight.


If you are serving food, a professional, licensed, permitted and insured catering company must be contracted.

It’s okay with us if you bring snacks while you are getting ready.


Smoking is okay, but needs to be limited to your specified location. You are responsible for communicating your smoking policy with your guests. We don’t want to charge you for discarded cigarette butts nor do we want someone to flick a cigarette into our dry grass. Please use an ashtray or ash pot.


If you are serving alcohol, a professional and insured bartender or beverage service company must be contracted. This is to prevent over pouring, service to minors and hopefully prevent stuff from going wrong due to consumption. They must have liquor liability insurance; not general liability only and not a waiver of liability.

Last call for alcohol is no later than 9:30 PM or five hours after service begins, whichever comes first. This is to ensure the wedding ends at 10:00 PM.

The bar needs to be managed at all times, meaning it’s under the control of the person or persons in charge of it.

Beer, wine or otherwise cannot be out for self-service. All alcohol must be served by a professional bartender.


You need to hire a professional DJ, emcee or band to run the music and/or microphone.

Music and microphone can’t be used after 10:00 PM. This is referred to as amplified sound and the time limitation is a condition of the Butte County Noise Ordinance.


Vendors need to bring anything they need to do their job at your wedding.

Please bring your own necessities as well. We don’t have essentials to loan, such as scissors, string, tape, ribbon, linens, ladders, glue, extension cords, power strips, ice, etc.


All trash needs to be removed by your vendors or designated helpers. You are welcome to dispose of the trash in our dumpster at the front of the property near the gate. You and your vendors are responsible for taking out the trash and relining the cans. The dumpster is located at the front of the residence by the gate.

Our trash service does not include recycling so all recycling needs to be taken off-site.


Use of the common area of the house, if you leased this space, is intended for use while you get ready for your wedding. Only accommodation guests are allowed in the house during your wedding but if someone really needs to be in this space during your wedding, please have your coordinator communicate with us.

If you are not staying the night, you are welcome to leave things overnight to come get in the morning. However, please don’t leave anything valuable as we cannot guarantee the safety or security of these things.


The caterer can use the kitchen for staging for service only. Since it’s not a commercial kitchen, cooking, food prep or storage cannot occur. All food needs to be prepared off-site.

Only the caterer and coordinator are permitted in the kitchen during your weekend. This is to keep the space clear for your caterer.

You can use our refrigerators for leftovers, deserts or flowers if you need it. You are encouraged to bring ice chests, storage containers, zip top bags, plastic film, aluminum foil, etc. because we don’t have these items.

Your caterer must leave the kitchen clean, sterilized and dry, just as it was when they got there.


The venue is available to you for a rehearsal on Friday afternoon (3:00 PM or later). This generally takes up to an hour.

The venue is available to you from 8:00 AM on Saturday through 11:00 PM.

You have until noon on Sunday to vacate all remaining food, personal items, decorations, etc.

All set-up and breakdown must occur within your contracted time frame. As long as we know in advance, a rental company can be scheduled to drop off or pickup outside of that time frame.

We need a detailed timeline at least one week prior to your event. That way we know your plan and can help facilitate arrival and departures of each vendor or guest.

As always, don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you have!