Vendor Agreement

Welcome to Irongate Garden Inn. We are happy you are here!

The owners and team members at Irongate have high expectations of ourselves and of the professional businesses that contract with our mutual wedding clients. We want couples to hire the best and that you’re here, tells us you have similar high expectations.

Because Irongate is not a DIY wedding venue, our couples are required to contract with professional businesses for their vendor team. We consider our couple’s vendors to be our partners in ensuring the best day ever for our couples!

Based on experience, we believe the greatest opportunity for success exists with an established minimum level of service from. We hope you agree with our best intentions to help accomplish the ultimate goal, which is to provide the very best service to couples getting married at Irongate, in particular, considering some of the restrictions on us as a permitted venue and limitations we have with our outdoor garden theme.

Please refer to our vendor expectations page for more details and we encourage you to ask questions of us before proceeding.

Lastly, we invite you to review the approval request and agreement forms for the other vendors as well. We think it’s essential everyone be on the same page.

We look forward to hearing from you.