Welcome to Irongate

Welcome to Irongate Garden Inn, a getaway, a destination location and a place where you can say “I do” without the hustle and bustle of everyday city life. We’re happy you stopped by our blog, because today, we’re going to be chatting a bit about our beautiful venue, nestled North of Chico.

In 2017, we decided to take on the challenge of renovating this perfectly functional home and add a bit of our own flare to it! As a previous Bed and Breakfast, we kept the same feel with the numbered doors, bathrooms in each room and the spacious facility, but we definitely wanted to go in the direction of a retreat wedding destination that families can enjoy for more than one day.

Over the past year we’ve hosted weddings, events, retreats, and more; which has been wonderful and very eye-opening. As venue owners, we are dedicated to providing the best venue for your event or wedding! Feedback is definitely recommended if you ever stay at our humble abode for the weekend.

With an open concept throughout, great room, sun room and kitchenette, we’d say it’s very inviting and feels like home.

There is ample parking and a vast yard to entertain. We typically accommodate up to 200 guests to be a part of your special day or special event, but if you plan for more, let’s talk! Get creative with your floral arrangements and decor but don’t go overboard because our space speaks for itself.