Click below to see a sample insurance certificate showing the minimum coverages required.

  • You have multiple options for beverage service at your event! Most couples find that beer, wine & champagne is perfect for their special day, but you are welcome to hire a professional beverage company to serve your signature cocktail as well.

  • Your bartender or beverage service can deliver and begin setting-up anytime during your weekend.

  • If you hire a mobile bar, we have a few different places they can set up!

  • Whenever alcohol is involved, it’s extremely important to hire the right people. We require that you hire a professional bartender or beverage service that carries their own liquor liability insurance and the appropriate training and/or applicable licensing to ensure the safety of you and your guests. Some professional catering companies also offer professional beverage services!

  • The service of alcoholic beverages shall be in compliance with California law at all times, including, but not limited to no service to minors, workers need to be covered by workers compensation insurance, etc.

  • The bar must be staffed at all times during the event; it must never be left unattended at any time. If bar is left unattended for any period of time it may be shut down for the remainder of the event.

  • At the conclusion of the bar service, all alcoholic beverages must be packed up and secured by your bar service. No alcoholic beverages are permitted to be left out for self-service.

  • We have a 55 gallon trash container available for use at the bar. Your bartender or beverage service is responsible for changing out the liners and they are welcome to use our dumpster, located near the residential driveway gate.

  • All trash must be removed from the gardens or other leased areas and discarded in the dumpster or removed from the property.

  • Nothing can be discarded on the grass, bark, landscaping, etc. but your bar service is welcome to pour ice or water in the kitchen sink.

  • Last call for bar service needs to occur by 9:30 PM to comply with our Butte County use permit.

  • Though the parking lot is not secure, we are okay with your guests leaving their vehicles in our parking lot overnight; we don’t want anyone drinking and driving.

  • The bartender or bar service company needs to bring extension cords, if electrical is required.