• You must contract a professional caterer from our pre-approved caterer list, who we think are the best catering services in the North State! Check out our list here. If you want to hire a caterer not already on our pre-approved list, please submit your request no later than 180 days prior to your wedding date for consideration by Irongate management.
  • Your caterer must hold a valid business license and permit from the governing health department.
  • Your caterer must carry commercial liability insurance as well as workers compensation for any person working for, or on behalf of, the catering company.
  • Any caterer serving alcohol must carry include liquor liability, even if you’re only providing beer and wine.
  • Be sure to understand what your caterer will not do or provide. Examples include busing service, non-alcoholic beverage station and glasses, linens, glasses for bar service (like wine glasses), individual water bottles for guests to take at the end of the night, etc.
  • Your caterer will cook your food in their commercial kitchen and will have access to clean, indoor space at Irongate for final staging.
  • We have several rectangle banquet tables your caterer can use. Your caterer will have access to these tables once they arrive on-site.
  • Your caterer can access the property anytime on Saturday.
  • Catering may park on the east side of the residence for convenient loading & unloading.
  • Food trucks are welcome to cater your event. If they need power, the food truck or trailer needs to bring extension cords, and we will get them plugged in. If they require more than a 110 outlet, they must to bring a generator.
  • Several 55-gallon trash containers are available for use by your caterer. The caterer is responsible for relining the trash cans used for catering service.
  • Your caterer is welcome to use our on-site dumpster, located near the residential gate in front. All trash must be disposed of in our dumpster or removed from the property by the conclusion of your weekend.

Caterer Insurance

Below is a link to our insurance requirements for vendors working on-site at Irongate Garden Inn for your wedding. This link is an excellent resource for your vendors to share with their insurance agent.

Click below to see a sample insurance certificate showing the minimum coverages required.