Natural Confetti Send-Off

Most venues, including ours, prefer to skip the sparklers at the end of the night. We know – it’s GORGEOUS in photos and looks amazing during the send off – but, it’s also extremely dangerous and a huge liability for you and for us! We don’t want to see your dress on fire, or Aunt Suzie’s sparkler hitting someone behind her.

That being said, there are a lot of other ways you can celebrate your exit! At our venue, you can use something biodegradable like these beauties below. Aren’t they fun? 

There are lots of vendors who sell dried floral confetti. Thanks to one of our couples, we learned about HIBIMI, who sell this confetti on Etsy! Check them out!

Dried florals have always caught our eye and they look beautiful in photos.

Bubbles are also super fun!

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