Say it with Flowers

In today’s blog post, we’re chatting about all things floral. What to use on the chairs, what you can use as centerpieces, where you can store them, the timeline of your floral arrangements being dropped off… a whole bundle of information!

The number one item that we must find out as soon as possible is, WHEN your florist will be arriving, and are THEY placing the arrangements on the table or will your day of coordinator? This information is important because if they need to put your florals in fridge, your coordinator must know about this as well. Are the boutineers and corsages in the refrigerator too? Who’s putting those on?

All of these questions need to be answered prior to the big day! We just want you to feel stress free. 

That being said, if we know when the florist will be arriving, we can have our beautiful refrigerator specifically for floral arrangements ready to go. You can see this in your tour!

If you’re doing centerpieces with the florals, are you providing the vases or the vessel for the flowers, is your florist providing vases or are you borrowing ours? If you have your own, make sure your coordinator is aware! If these belong to the florist, we’d hate to misplace it.

We hope this information is useful for booking your florist. We have preferred florists in the area, so if you need any guidance, we can help! 

Irongate Garden Inn