Not Another Backyard Wedding Venue

Irongate Garden Inn was designed as a destination venue, located in North Chico. The event area of the property includes a large portion of a 1950’s ranch house, large all-weather parking lot and 3 large garden courtyards in the house’s backyard. However, it was not improved as what some think of as a “Backyard” Venue.

We improved and modified the property so that the venue itself is more of a beautiful backdrop for your event. It has been designed with professional vendors doing what they do best in mind. The easier it is for the professionals that are working your event, the better they take care of you and your guests, and the better we look as that backdrop!

The Space –

There is easy access to all portions of the property. There are private entrances and spaces so that your vendors are out of the way of you and your guests! There are flexible options for set-up in multiple locations throughout the property. We want to make sure to stay a vendor friendly venue, at all times throughout the event.

Guest House & Restrooms –

Along with overnight accommodation options in our get ready space (including bridal suite, two additional bedrooms and baths, a living room, sun room, dining area and kitchenette) the venue has three indoor bathrooms for your guests, accessible directly from the gardens. No need for bathroom trailers or portable bathrooms for parties with up to a 200 guest count.

Licenses and Insurance –

Irongate Garden Inn is among all these things, a business. Our venue requires the use of professional vendors for a reason! Licensed and insured vendors that are as accountable to us as they are to you, to protect you and us from any mishaps. Professional vendors are what makes events here successful and we truly believe that this requirement gives your event a better chance at success! This is for your own benefit, we promise.

Save Money Where You Can –

We understand that large events, specifically weddings, are expensive and there are many, many ways to save money along the way. We don’t discourage a DIY approach. We just have minimum requirements when it comes to professional vendors such as catering, bartending, DJ, and day of coordination. There are just some things that Irongate believes is best for us and our business – and we know that your event will benefit from it.

We hope this is helpful in explaining how we are not your everyday backyard wedding venue! We take pride in having accommodations set for not only for you, but your vendors as well. An event is an experience – make it a great one.

Irongate Garden Inn