Get Everything in Writing

It is so important to get everything in writing when you’re planning your wedding. From contracts, to verbal agreements – this protects YOU and your event from going into the wrong direction.

In today’s blog post, we’re discussing the importance of contracts, written agreements, inclusions and exclusions, and more.


When dealing with several vendors, keep in mind that each one will have a different contract, so be sure to read it carefully! Do not assume that it’s like any other contract you’ve seen. For instance, your wedding planner may have a different cancellation policy than your photographer. This is an important line to note.

Mother nature can sometimes throw bad weather into the mix, or a family emergency may appear out of nowhere. Things like this are important to think about, even if you’re on cloud 9 from your engagement. As we are all businesses trying to avoid cancelations, we’re also human, and if you communicate with us about the contract, we’re able to help in an easier and less stressful way.

Once you sign a contract, you’re locked in. Especially with that deposit being paid. Does your photographer’s policy note that you will NOT get your deposit back in the result of a cancelation? If not, maybe ask about that – because you never know.

Verbal Agreements

These are big NO’s in the wedding industry. Phone calls are wonderful, as are in person meetings – but what is even better, are emails. An email keeps track of ALL correspondence and allows you to go back and look and what was said. Even when you meet with your vendors in person, ask for them to send you a recap of what was discussed so you have it for your reference later on.

Inclusions & Exclusions

What is included in your package? Just because your friend booked a photographer and had an engagement session included, doesn’t mean YOUR photographer will honor the same agreement. Ask questions like, what is included in this package? Can I add anything later on in the planning process? What is excluded, and can I add these specific items as well?

These are all questions that will a) protect you from being blind-sided and b) will ensure that you have all you need for your special day.

From verbal agreements, to contracts and learning what is included in your package, everything counts. If you remember yourself saying something out loud, just write it down! It won’t hurt anyone; it’ll just help you and your vendors stay on the right track and the same page.

Happy Planning!

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