Planning a Wedding During COVID

Photo by – Angelica Grace Photography, Coordinated by The 530 Bride

Planning a wedding during this pandemic must be frustrating for you, yes? We totally understand that. It’s a huge deal, and it may feel like it’s been taken from you – but we’re here to make things a little easier for you during this important time in your life. 

This brings us to the topic on why you should hire a planner during this time to deal with all things COVID-19. Not only do they understand the wedding industry and what works with our venue, but they are also educated about the CoronaVirus, CDC guidelines. We wouldn’t want you to do anything that isn’t approved, so your event doesn’t shut down. 

Hiring a wedding planner in the first place is always a good idea, to let them handle the day of tasks and the communication between the vendors as well. But during this pandemic, knowing the guidelines is extra important. Just adds another thing that you shouldn’t have to deal with! 

A bride who did her final walkthrough was at first hesitant to hire a planner – but she then stated that it was the best money spent throughout this entire process.

Utilize your budget in a smart way – spend it on vendors who will make your day go seamless. You shouldn’t have to worry about a thing! 

Happy Planning!

-Irongate Garden Inn