To Wear and What Not To Wear

Knowing what to wear at weddings is always a question we hear. Is it formal? Is it casual? How casual? The couple hosting the wedding will most likely let you know what to wear, but just in case, why not go right in the middle?

Bring heels for the ceremony, and flats for the reception. Wear a flowy dress or a pair of nice pants, which can be formal or casual. If you want to wear jeans, put them on later in the night!

Obviously it depends on the weather, but if it is hot, bring an umbrella to shade yourself if the couple does not have a tent or much shade during the reception. If it’s cool, wear closed toe shoes and bring a light jacket to keep yourself comfortable! 

Don’t be afraid to ask the couple either – I’m sure they’d rather you not show up in a t-shirt if it is a black tie affair… 

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