The Low Down On Linens

Linens can be a scary thing to think about when planning your wedding day – why is that?! Is it because of the small details you never thought about? Or is it the color that is scaring you? Will it all come together? We get it! Planning every detail is a lot of work – but we’re here to break it down!

Ask yourself these questions when looking for the perfect linens –

  • Do I Want To Rent Or Buy Linens?

This is always something we hear planners talk about. Whether to buy or rent is a big deal, and we’re here to give you the pros and cons of each. 

Pros of Buying Linens: It is less expensive to do so.

Cons of Buying Linens: You must invest in getting them dry cleaned, you have to store them after the wedding, and you must place them on the tables yourselves. Also, the quality is not always guaranteed when you purchase the linens. 

Pros of Renting: The rental company usually sets your tables,
(or your wedding coordinator) and they also steam them. Sometimes they even take them away at the end of the night. You don’t have to launder rented linens and they have great color selections. There are local party rental companies that rent linens as do many caterers. There are also online linen rental companies!

Cons of Renting : A bit more expensive. Also, if you rent them from an online company, you have to steam them yourself and deal with shipping them back. If you rent locally, renting definitely has it’s perks!

  • What Color Should I Go With?

Think about your color scheme! If you’re going with navy blue and grey, why not try doing a neutral linen, and have a pop of color in the center? Just something to think about.

It may not seem like an enormous deal, but linens are technically the centerpiece of your event. 

Hope this helps!

Irongate Garden Inn