The Irongate Garden Inn is a “semi” destination wedding venue because we are North of Chico, so transportation is a MUST when planning your wedding! From limos and party buses, to taxi cabs and Ubers, there are a lot of options for you to choose from.

Obviously, we want you and your guests to be safe, so we DO allow cars to stay the night, as long as they’re picked up first thing in the morning! That being said, Uber is a great resource for those who can’t drive themselves home. 

Shuttles are also a great option and a wonderful way for your guests to bond. Have a couple of “pick up” and “drop off” times at the hotel you have a block at. This way there isn’t any driving going on! 

Another option, as long as most of your guests are in the area, is to have a Designated Driver! We’re huge advocates of this. Carpooling is the best! 

If you need any recommendations on shuttle services, limo services, or taxi services, let us know. We’d love to provide you with some information!

Irongate Garden Inn